Chikku kolam

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About Chikku kolam :

This is a chiku kolam from my mom's collection of designs. I had borrowed her notebook of kolams a few years ago, when I had started this site. This design is also for a member of this site (Mr/Ms ilavenil), who had asked about how to get started in making this chiku kolam (

Chikku Kolam
Dotted kolam


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Very nice and very useful.

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Lata, whenever I see an animated kolam from you , I remember Sashank. He used to open this many times to enjoy the cursor dancing around the dots.

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Lata yes it is very useful for beginners...rajammaji i also love to see that cursor!!!!

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Thanks lata ma'am this helped me too...

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very simple and neat

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Very nice and easy kolam design, looks good when done.

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I am a beginner and i done this kolam in a very first time.The animated version looks very elegant and kindly send me like these if any.

Thank you..