Butterfly kumil kolam

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Its a Typical Rangoli kolam with butterfly design with kolamavu

Rangoli: Butterfly kumil kolam


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Once again .a beautiful cross stitch work laid on the floor.good kumizh kolam yaar:)

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hai....lovely cross stitch design....thanks for sharing...

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very nice.

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Lovely butterfly. This kumizh kolam is a new method for me. want to know how much time u took to finish this?

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very very nice cross stitch design for your hard effort. perfect in all ways.

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I feel, once you draw the grids correctly and mark the colors it is very easy to fill the grids. Am I right?

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butterfly cross stich design is very nice .

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Excellent kumizh kolam. Perfect everywhere.

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wow here comes a lovely kumizh kolam - really done well Smile

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beautifully done...after a long time we are seeing kumiL design, thank you

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Wow excellent kumizh kolam and neatly done by you as well... if possible do share with us how u did this

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beautiful butterfly..........

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பிருந்தா Madam போட்ட கோலத்தின் பிரமிப்பிலிருந்து மில்வதுக்குள் அடுத்த குமிழ் கோலமா?

பட்டாம்புச்சி இறக்கை விரித்து பறந்து விடுவதுக்குள் நான் அதன் அழகை ரசித்துவிடேன்.

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Thank u all for ur lovable comments for my kolam,

It took 0230 Hrs to complete the entire kolam, Its jus my experimental design what i tired in kolam.As every ones' guess
butterfly is a cross stich design.hope i would get the same reponse for my future kolams as well.

Thanks once again for all the ikolam members

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dear karthi mam ,

can you plz tell me the step by step procedure for making this ???
how we have to drop the kolapodi at the right volume in each grid ???

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Dear mam,
Sry mam icnt expln by this website .if u dnt mine plz gvn me an cnt no ill cl u if im in free tm bcz .idnt hv any tm to log in this web site rgulry .bcz off my wrk schdule otherwise plz cl for this no ill gv u an clr dtl about this kolam .