butterfly kolam

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Really cool looking butterlies. It was thoughtful of you to put well defined dots, that makes it so easy for anyone to count, and proceed further. Thanks a lot.

I'm impressed with your style of work. You are one of our recent members (4 weeks and 5 days to be exact), and I am glad that you do both; uploading rangolis and commenting on others' works as well. Now that's what I call a coolgirl! Very cool indeed Smile


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Your schoolbook note rangoli is very nice. I like the stylish butterflies. the flowers also have matching twirls.

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thanx to lata n rajmma mam

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well defined dots and neat drawing .you captured our hearts.welcome and congratulation.

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Yamuna, Nice butterflies on paper. I would like to see them dance on the floor as a rangoli too!

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Yamuna nice stroks and dots..yes jayaji...

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Wow this is really neat work Yamuna.. I just love the central design - can be done alone for people with limited space too. Like Lata said since the dots and nice and bold - everyone can guess how many dots... Actually the dots are looking like a design inside the flowers and the butterflies too. I can see you are in love with what you are doing and look forward to seeing more lovely work from you Smile

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very easy to learn. super

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very nice butterfly kolam.

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Yamuna, good creation. created butterflies so nicely, it looks like an expert hand kolam. Dont we all there to push you (???) just kidding. come out with new new creations.

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thanx to everyone..

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Pretty butterflies Yamuna maam and neat strokes... looking forward to many more

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Your work is too neat ,simple ,elegant yet beautiful