Brahma's knot rangoli

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About Brahma's knot rangoli :

People call this pattern Brahma's knot. It is a dotted kolam. An advanced design which is an extension of this pattern could be found at:

Hope you enjoy it! Smile

Dotted kolam
brahma's knot


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Lata nice koolam and purple colour gives rich look.

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Lata, Is this the one kolam taken from your mother's note book?. The animation and purple color make me open this page often

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very nice one

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Nice kolam lata ma'am

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Thank you everybody, for your feedback.
Rajam madam, no, this isn't the one from mom's notebook. Her design is very similar to your pumpkin one but with no extensions.

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The purple colour and shadow lines enhance the beauty of this simple kolam.

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Purple is a royal colour hence the rich look - Lata this looks wonderful Smile

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அழகு மிகுந்த கோலம் ...

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Lata, rombo nalla irukku !

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லதா,ரொம்போ நல்ல இருக்கு !

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really nice & simple....also its in fav color

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Wow...looks very nice....lataji, your animations are superb and making easy to learn. The color and shading has enchanced it more. thank you.

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Is it Our Gowri? commenting "azhagu migundha kolam"?
Welcome back Gowri, we missed u all these days.

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Judy, Is Purple a royal color? Oh! thats why RAJam loves it.

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welcome back gowri madam......we missed you these days....

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Welcome back Gowri. Smile

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Is it our gowri ROFL i felt like within loved arms of my ikolam family.... Thanks rajamma amma for such kind words... Thank you all ...
Yes its me, was bit away from ikolam -- btw gng to india in 2 days ... i missed you all... used to visit daily all the kolams but held back without commenting and posting.. even i stopped making everything is fine :-)..Thanks lata mam for your support...


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Gowri, nice that u replied. Its ok if u r not able to comment. But donot stop putting kolam. When u r depressed , making kolam helps u to get out of ur tension.Anyway all the best , have a nice time in India. and be with us when time permits!

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Wow Gowri after a long long time - hey hope you have a lovely time in India... All the best Smile Where in India?? Chennai??

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Thank you everyone. Have a safe trip and have fun Gowri.
Rajam madam, I now know who to get in touch with when I get depressed. Smile

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Its wonderful, Lataji.....

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looks neat

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Wow....looks so pretty with this lavender col lata...this same brahma mudi kolam(bigger version) is supposed to be done on d first day of margazhi na...:)