RamyaSai Sree
nice repetition mam!!!Hope ur cam supports from now :)
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Thanks Ramya. Inspired by your kolam, today I have done one with thin lines. I shall post it shortly. Your kolam, in a way, helped me out of a 'major crisis' (my kolapodi is over). Huh! I have run out of my kolapodi stock so had to manage with whatever little I had.
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Wow!!!!! So beautifully done kolam!!! Looks perfect !!! Like an expert not a toddler's step for sure Vani. :star: :star: :star: Thanks a ton for your encouragement and appreciation which keeps me going. :) Looking forward to more of your works. :)
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Sowmya, Thanks a lot. I only hope you do not get your designs "patented". If so I shall have to shell out a lot of money or I have to totally quit putting kolams. Because, without yours and LR's designs I will be totally numbed at mind. Nothing comes natural to me. A true COPY CAT that I am. But thanks a looooooottt.
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Thank you very much Vani. I was overwhelmed by your affection and a special thanks once again for admiring my works. You all made my day :)
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I wholeheartedly agree with Vani!! regarding sowmy's kolams and lakshmi's kolams.They are both sensational and original "Kolamists"!! :) :) :) :) :love: :love: :love: :love:
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A different type of kolam attempted by Vani! Yes, Sowmya's kolams are masterpiece and inspire all kolam lovers!
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Beautiful kolam Vani. YOu are not a Toddler.
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ammuchandhini nicely done inspiration kolam vani :)
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