Black and white Kolam

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About Black and white Kolam : PRINT

Just wanted to have contrast colors, so used black thil (sesame seeds) for the outline.
The dot count is 6 dots 2 lines , 2 dots on both sides (straight dots), repeat this on all four sides.

Dotted kolam
black & white
Rangoli: Black and white Kolam


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Using sesame seeds to add contrast, what a neat idea! I know people use rice powder in kolams for feeding ants and such, but at a glance this image looked as if there was a mad rush of ants, reminded me of ration stores in India Smile

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Rajamma ma'm, good idea!!!! it looks nice,if u added jaggery then
"ELLU,BELLA" u could have given to all members of ikolam(this is followed in karnataka)
mean time have sent video view this in main page go to kolam section in that view miscellaneous,and give ur comments.

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Rajamma m'aam, your grandaughter is so lucky to learn from you! It must have taken you a long time to align the sesame seeds so perfectly! Biggrin

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Setumangalaji, your today's(22.3.10) kolam with little additions reminded me this one.