Black and white design in paper.

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About Black and white design in paper. : PRINT

Preeti's design drawings made me search this drawing saved in my old kolam note book. It was drawn with black ballpoint pen.yet to try this on the floor.

Rangoli: Black and white design in paper.


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very very beautiful and nice one rajamma mam

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rajammaji lovely creativity it justs tempts me to try on d floor

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Rajamma maam this is a beauty this is a black beauty in white background ... I am already imagining your white angel in the black background

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ரொம்ப அழகாக இருக்கு ராஜம்மா ஜி .

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Nice design aunty looking very attractive.

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Uff!! 5th time am opening this rangoli to give out my comments.. everytime i search for words to describe this black beauty.. finally when i phrase words and start giving comment, my manager is coming n standing behind me.. so i had to close forcibly :))))))))))))))) well, coming to point, Rajamma ji is a mentor for all of us. She is one super enthu lady, and this is one of her super attractive kolam.. Tempting to try it on the floor.. even though am not so good in drawings frills n decorations.. en kola life eh stencils i nambithan iruku :DDDDD.. So.. let us see who try it first on floor n uploads..

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oh beautiful mam!i will try on floor

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Rajammaji, this is pictur perfect.....Excellent ... (neenga paper , mspaint, floor yelathillum kalakireenga... veerenna solla)-Indira

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Nice, when will we see it on the floor?

Regards! - mOhana

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Perfect one. Very very well drawn.

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very very nice kolam.

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Very beautiful and neat aunty Smile

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Pretty design, thanks for digging old treasures.

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beatiful rjammaji,... let me try on the floor

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Beautiful, marvellous, excellent, very very excellent - Rajam lovely work - very neatly done. The central design looks like your kolams from the 9 - 6 or 11 - 7 collection - am I right??