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About Biscuit rangOli:

While we were in South Africa, I bought a biscuit packet called 6 o'clock love. It is square in shape and about 1.5 inches long. It had a beautiful symmetric design on the top. Before eating them, I arranged them in various patterns. They are here for you all to see and enjoy.

Regards! - mOhana

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Rangoli: Biscuit rangOli


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Wow..Interesting!!! Liked the design of the biscuit and also the arrangement. Nice padikolam like designs. Thanks for the new idea. :star: Smile

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patterns for us,biscuits for you vaa?Any way thanks for the idea and sharing. Smile

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wow very innovative sir :star: Dirol

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Wow...nice idea to arrange d biscuits to get wonderful patterns jkm sir...some packets parcel please Blum 3 :bigsmile:

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Lovely biscuits arranged in lovely patterns.Lovely idea!

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Yippee, and Mohanaji returns with a goody bag for all! Biggrin
I like the squarish chikku kolam at the top left very much. Nice way to play with your food, Mohanaji. :bigsmile:

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Nice design of the biscuit and the top row middle design is good. Nice new idea. Smile

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welcome back sir,,, nice collection

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Wow JKM sir what an inspiration ... all the patterns are good, liked the bottom third ... looks more like a padikolam but then so does all Smile

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Novel idea to play with biscuits.Nice design.

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wonderful patterns....hmm tasty designs... :bigsmile: