Bird & Flowers

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Bird and Flower buds kolam. Dot count 13-1 interlaced. ur views pls.

Rangoli: Bird & Flowers


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lovely kolam padma...would look great with cols on d floor....

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The buds r looking really cute and the kolam is very nice.

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looks great padma, the buds are sooo cute and the birds too enjoying the merry go round.

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Lovely birdie design. Padma, it will be very nice when put on the floor with color.

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Thank you RAni, PAdmashree, sudha and rajamma. Definetely it looks nice with colours and from now on, I will make myself free and try to put it on the floor.

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Lovely kolam both buds and the birds are very cute..................

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Thank you alamelu and meena.

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very nice and lovely.

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cute birds and flowers kolam nice colour combination waiting to see more and more

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Thank you subhashini and lakshmi.

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Padma maam this kolam is NOT good, the rose buds are not cute, the birds are not pretty, I didnt like the kolam at all... I am sure ur not shocked at reading my words, cos these were taught to me by you only Smile take the opposites of all dear

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You got me first Pushpa. Smile
I was surprised to read the first part of your comment to Padma.
Padma, nice birdie dotted kolam.

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birds and buds good combination, yes would be great with colors on floor

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HI pushpa, whats this tit for tat.......... thank you
Thank you lata and anirudh

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Pushpaavum, Padmavum nallave vilaiyadureenga:) Nice kolam:)

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Good work. With some modifications, butterflies can also be introduced.

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice birdie kolam Padma - the roses look so sweet Smile

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Very nice Padma. Birds are well disciplined to from a circle.. Roses are cute, reminds me of Judy's rose kolam..

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Very Nice