Before and After Rangoli

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I came across a cute tiny little flower kolam that was put by one of my neighbours and tried it out on my kitchen top with colours - it was so pretty that I clicked a picture immediately. Not having the heart to erase it, I slowly started adding frills to it and finally came up with something that looked like embroidery and took another picture of that too. I have combined the 'Before and After' in one picture.

Rangoli: Before and After Rangoli


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Judy, pleasing colours for the beautiful design as the beautiful girl looks more beautiful in her bridal make-up. Convey my wishes to ur neighbour also.

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Neat frilly work Judy! Smile

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Judy ,you decorated it nicely.

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very cute judy madam.....reminds Bekary foods.ssssss.......

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Appadiye embroidery maadiri irukku! your extensions are wonderful!

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very very cute

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Thanks Brindha, yes, very apt comment about the bridal make-up... and this neighbour is not actually my neighbour but someone who stays in my area and I dont know anyone there - it was just one of those days when I strolled to the market gazing at all the kolams on the floor that I came across this cutie....

Thanks Lata and Lakshmi..

Radha yummy icing on a pastry right??

Jaya thanks - when I was done with the final touches, I somehow thought it looked like woollen embroidery to me...

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thanks Indhu..

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azhgukku azhagu saidhal yeppadi irukkum .judeyin kolam pola irukkum.

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Smile Subashini nandri...

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Good work .looks like some art work done with woollen thread

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Thanks Sumathi - that's exactly what I thought too when I completed it....

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Judy, I was wondering, how u made these embroidery with color woolen thread on ur kitchen top.Bale Killaadi, Aduthaveettu ponnai kootteetu vandhu alankaaram panneetteengale!
(U r smart, brought the nextdoor girl and done make up for her?)

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WOW, Judy Ma'am.... Neighbour's Envy Owner's Pride???.....Am sure that neighbour of yours would envy You after she sees YOUR UNIQUE TOUCH to her work.... the most important thing of all is I finally got to see colourful Kolam work of Yours.....

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For me it looks like good mehandi design Judy:)colors are very nice.