Basic design no. 1 on the floor

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Just managed to complete the design on the floor with available colour podi.Did not change the paper design. The paper drawing was drawn at a strech within half an hour, but this I did in instalment.... took nearly 2 hours to complete.

Rangoli: Basic design no. 1 on the floor


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Wow... Very beautiful color combo Rajammaji.. I cannot take off my eyes from it..-Indira Sundar

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Wow! marvaless Kolam . Can I try to copy your kolam mam...

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Wow simply superb Mam..

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Adengabbba....rajamma mam...what an effect u have brought to ur paper version.... this looks just ravishing ...oh those thin nylon white outlines r giving such a beautiful finish to d whole kolam....eagerly waiting to see ur second design on floor....

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wow beautiful colour combo n nice shading! totally lovely treat for us:)-suguna murugesan

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nice color combo and neat

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Superbbbbbbbbb kolam Ms.Rajam.

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Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rajamma mam hirudaya kamalam kolam colour combination romba nalla irukku.very neat dots + green colour shadings perfect. Akilandeswari

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edentahaa sundarya edu ?
ascharya chakita nadevu naavu
kannu tereda teredhe edhe
namabalu assadya adake
kainindha mudisida rangoliyendu.
yesthondu sundara bannagalu
bidiridhe alli elli chitradalli
edara bavya saundarya roopa
neleyalide sada nanna manadalli
Nodidastu kadime yenisuva
ee nimma chamtkarakke
nammellara pritiya namaskara"

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wonderful rajammaji, this is mesmerising with all colors and decorations.

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Rajjamma feel like going on seeing it again and again .Nodidastu manasu traptisuvade illa .BIG hats off to u dear .very nice colour distributins and shadings etc etc ....

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this is so so so so beautiful, intricated design pattern. well done...

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very nice color combo Raji mam. super....

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wow.... rajamma what a beauty your kolam.... looking very attractive....

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Wow!!!! Stunning beauty....Perfect in all aspects.

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Great - Beautiful and splendid work from you again.

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Sweet shock! Did you dedicate this to your daughter on her birthday?

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Wow, beatiful work Rajamma, Hats off to ur creativity. The floor version with available colour powders looks so pretty and lovely. I liked ur thin strokes and those thin lines drawn in green and magentha colour.


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Wow Rajamma maam, i need to come to u and learn how u get such wonderful ideas to decorate kolam. U never ever fail us with regards to that. This is so so good. I am just staring at this beauty.

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adadada! what to say rajam.yeththanai azhagu kotti kidakkudhu.Yeppadi manasai thatti parikkudhu.

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I loved everything in this kolam (the lines, the patchwork, the texture of the yellow).
I need some more time to make my own, so, please grant me a few more days madam. Smile

(I had been working on a few things that have to do with this site, at the back end, and this is going to keep me busy for the next two weeks, so please, don't kick me out of the class). :0

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bright and colourful!! Smile

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maravelloua :party:

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Is it an extended design of hrudayakamalam.?