Auspicious Day kolam

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This kolam contains 12 dots at 4 sides. 12 dots to be kept for 1 side remaining it will be 11 dots at 3 sides. Inner 12 dots contains 12-10-6-4-2 and outer 12 dots contains 12-8-6-4-2
It is a form of Neli kolam. It is very easy to link. Hope u all enjoy.

Rangoli: Auspicious Day kolam


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Wonderfully drawn!
The picture is quite dark though. I'll wait for a brighter picture, to resume publishing further from your account. The other three rangolis are dark as well.

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Nice work, but very dark. To you and to others too! There are many free softwares that can do basic things to pictures like brightening, darkening, making it bigger or smaller, adjusting the colours, etc. The microsoft office picture manager can also do this. One can download Irfanview or Gimp, which is like a crude version of Photoshop. It takes less than five minutes to get the desired quality before uploading.

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice kolam and ur strokes r so good....

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beautiful kolam...

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Nice kolam. Thanks for your suggestion JKM sir.


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Nice one but we may not enjoy due to the darkness in the image.

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Looks beautiful, gives the feeling of seeing the moon thru the dark clouds from my window.

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Pretty kolam..
Enjoyed your comparison RajamAmma:)

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Excellent. Very stylish kolam.

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Nice work.

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thin and slender curves adds an applause

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Oh the kolam looks so nice, a brighter photo would have been so nice

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Very good kolam drawn very nicely ....

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Beautifully drawn.

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Nice kolam as well as nicely drawn except for the photograph.

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nice kolam.

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very nice mam