Astadhla padmam rangoli

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About Astadhla padmam rangoli:

This is a free hand Astadhla padmam rangoli, drawn in front of my house during varalakshmi vratham day.

Rangoli: Astadhla padmam rangoli


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Very pretty, makes my brain go for a spin!

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Lata, Just hold on .....after I drew my head was rolling due to starin .. but in your case seeing itself .... OhOO!!! idhu enna nyayam !!!

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Meenakshi Sankar

Beautiful imagination. I like it.

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Meenakshi , thank u so much for ur sweet comments

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Lakshmi excelent is looks like a print.

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Anaga thank u very much

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Lakshmi, I always admire the symmetry in all your kolams.Your lines are bold and thick. Have you put double ezhai?It would have taken atleast one hour to complete this.I think your yoga, exercise and meditation are all done while giving life to the designs in your mind through your fingers.

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Rajamma madam, ur words speaks experiences in life,yes it is bouble ezhai.thanks

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Very nice and neatly drawn. All your kolams are really good. A lot to learn seeing your kolams.