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About Kolam:

Hi, here is a my copy of a kolam that I created at my home. I was inspired by a kolam created by Smt.Preethirajaganesh. I'd like to convey my thanks to her.
With best regards,

Jagadha's kolam is at the left, and the source rangoli is shown at the right of the image.

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Rangoli: Kolam


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Looks divine Jagadha! Was this done for Karthigai? Nice of you to share Smile

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Copy is very nice like the original, which is one of my favourite.Your spirit of acknowledging the original, which inspired you, is something I admire.

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thank u rajamma mam & lata mam.yes, that was done for karthigai.

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wow jagada looks beautiful. very nice.

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hi preethi mam.thank u,I'm a great fan of all ur kolams..great work mam.expecting more kolams from u...