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The arti thali was made on Guru Pornima Day
I had first layered som slightly damp river sand at the bottom, and then done the background osing netted cones, then put in thw design

Rangoli: ARTI THALI 2


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Impressive display. Looks like a bead work.
By your description I understand about the netted cone, Can you please tell me how did you get the perfect round dots? Any device used in it. We'll be pleased to learn this art work with your descriptive photos.

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To get perfect round dots I use a very small funnel, its 30 mm at top and about 5 mm tube at bottom. Take a pich of Rangoli colour with your thumb and index finger and with the same hand;s index finger and middle finger fold the thumb. Drop the colour very slowly on the spot you want. This takes some practice. Another way is to use a medical syringe (without the needle) fill in the colour in the thick part and tap gently on the side (again practice)
Sandeep K P Malde

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Very Nice Aarthi plate. The design and colour both are very bright....

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Lovely aarthy plate made by u sandeep....waiting to see ur step by step deescription...

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What a pretty arthi plate and beautiful colors used.

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beautiful colour match and design.....

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beautiful Aarthi plate with good colour combo.

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Beautiful! Kudos to your patience in making this art piece.

Regards! - mOhana

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Very nice decoration.


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very pretty creation.

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beautifull aarthi plate with lovely colours..

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Creative work Smile

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lovely aarathi plate. Gives me an idea to try it out as a sand painting design

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very impressive plates,can u plz instruct me how to make?