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The arti thali was made on Guru Pornima Day
I had first layered som slightly damp river sand at the bottom, and then done the background osing netted cones, then put in thw design

Rangoli: ARTI THALI 1


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Aarthi plate looks very nice. Hope you had a wonderful Diwali celebration! Smile

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Beautifully done aarthy plate sandeep...thanks for sharing d procedure also....

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Very Nice Arthi plate. Very attractive too.....

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Very nice.


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To me this looks like Durga Mata's face with the eyes and big red and gold bindi - pretty work Smile

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Very pretty....

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Great design and color combination ,could u explain on what is a netted cone To me it is all colorful looking like Diwali sparklers

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looks divine

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Pretty piece of art work.

Regards! - mOhana

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very beautiful work

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Very pretty and attractive.

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wonderful decoration on the Aarati plate.

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On seeing the thumbnail, i thought it is a peacock kolam. Beautifully done aarthi plate.

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very beautifully done aarthi plate ...lovely designs .

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Wow what a beauty!!!

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Beautiful. Netted cones?

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very pretty still in peacock hangover, the thumbnail was appearing so Smile ......can you give the bigger picture of netted cone? or explain more? ...thanks for sharing.

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Thank you all for your wonderful & inspiring comments

At first it was going to be a branch with flowers (the Diya pots for the flowers) but it looked like faintly like a peacock however I like the idea of Durga Maa. As its abstaract it can mean anything to the observer.
A netted cone is any cone about 4-6 inch height, about 1.5 inch wide at mouth (top) about 1 inch at bottom. You put a nett (curtain nett or embroidery nett) at the bottom. It acts like a seive. It's very easy to spread rangoli colours with this. You put about a spoonful of colour and tap gently while moving the cone on the area you want to put the colour. For shading its also easy to blend different colours on top of each other. The colour is layed evenly through this method. Om shanti

Sandeep K P Malde

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ver;y nice.Something different

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Oh very pretty.
Let me try itout.
I will come forward here with my doublts.