Another simple kolam

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This is another simple kolam. I think when u color, this will really look good.

Rangoli: Another simple kolam


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Your bluebells sing to me Padmashree. Smile
Padmashree has already made it with pencil, so, may be some of us should try to make this using other mediums? Smile

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Padmashreeji it looks very nice...i will try this and upload shortly...

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Me too will try with wet maavu. Bell kolams are very rare nowadays.Padmashree U buy a plain paper note book so that u can color ur kolams nicely.

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Good rangOli, let us see how the real artists are going to work on this Smile
One suggestion. There is a free software called graph paper. In that you have the choice of printing rectangular, staggered and hexagonal dots. In fact, one can adjust the shades of the dots to be light. The images of these dot patterns can be saved and printed. It is very easy to try kOlams on these. For those who use paintshop etc., one can import the images of these to those and work the rangOlis on them. Just for everybody's information.

Regards! - mOhana

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Rajammaji. is planning with wet maavu kolam, iam planning with rangoli powder, then who is for colour rangoli??...Brindha are u???

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I'll be making it my style; animated one. Smile

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Wow Lata great ......... Judy r you ready to draw in PHOTOSHOP ??

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Here is a tentative plan: the final group of rangolis would be displayed as one big image. Time frame: two weeks from today.

The other images would be attached to a copy of this one ( meaning; the other images which would be the derivative of this image, would follow this one).

Anybody can join in and try it in any medium. If the number of images exceed a certain size/per page limit, then the group of images would be displayed as a separate page.

Please mention Padmashree's rangoli in your rangoli, when you upload it, so that I can correlate it.

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Here we go.... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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here we go round the mulberry bush the mulberry bush early in the morning

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nice lovely

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Thank you all for ur comments. Sorry for the late response. I was a bit busy. I'm eagerly waiting to see this rangoli in different styles.

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uma its simply suberb