Angry Birds

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This peacock kolam took 2 weeks for me to complete. When I finished colouring one of the peacock, i had some guests and could not complete it for 3 days. When I started again the colours faded and the mixing gave some other colour. Then I have to visit my mother and came back after one week, everything was in a bad shape , so I started again and with some patch work and somehow finished it in this shape. I felt it is not that neat, but wanted to share, since I have no patience to do it again. If somebody can copy and produce it in a better way, I'll be too happy . Smile Angel

Rangoli: Angry Birds



Wow! Very Excellent mam. The faded colors make the Peacock looks very real one. Superb mam. Lovely Peococks.

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Real Peacocks came ah.... very nice mam Smile

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wooow i liked the feathers fantastic work amma :)...thee chatti is on their heads ...that's why the birds are angry Angel Angel Angel Angel

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this looks absolutely colorful and pretty mam,,, shows ur dedication and love in making kolams,,, Smile

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rajam mam excellent creation esp.the feathers so pre.........ety.

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Wow...what a creation rajamma mam...reminds me of ur last yr's contest winner tastefully coloured Smile

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fantastic mam peacocks have real look.feathers are giving embossed

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The feathers are so natural! This itself is very beautiful. Love it very much

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Wow Rajamma maami, your telling me this is not good... come one, for once I do not agree with you at all and I am sure many of them here at Ikolam will agree with me when I saw this is an extraordinary work... just look at the shading on the feathers and how beautiful they look even though they are angry :bigsmile: I think they are angry because you took so long to complete them Biggrin I loved it

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angry Smile but still good. Feather colors are soo nice. I have this in my collection too, may be upload a PC version soon.