Ratham Muggu

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Ratham Muggu, it is drawn on Rathasapthami festival in honor of Sun God. On this day muggu of ratha/chariot is drawn. The ratham/chariot represents the Sun God and bless with success for all the coming year.Rangoli rathasapthami: Ratham Muggu by Swetha S

Chikku Kolam
Chikku Kolam
Rangoli: Ratham Muggu


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very beautiful ratham Smile

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Thank you so much Suguna Murugesan garu

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Thank you so mcuh Suguna Murugesan garu.

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So nicely drawn...Is it a photoshop work or any other software?

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Thank you so much Vijaysowmya garu. I'm using ms-word to draw muggu/rangoli.

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Swetha, The SUN God really will love to sit and roam around the world in this ratham.

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Thank you so much RaghaRadha garu. It's would be our pleasure if he loves to roam the world.