Adi nvelli villakku pooja

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This is adivelli villakkupooja in my house. beore placing the villakku on the kolam, i was thinking of taking photo and just forget . O.K. now you can view the 75% of the kolam. is it o.k?


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You have used mostly whire

You have used mostly whire for rangoli and flowers and it creates a serene atmosphere.

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Lovely rangoli, lovely

Lovely rangoli, lovely alankaram Viji....

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Do you invite others also

Do you invite others also for the pooja or doing it by yourself, Viji?

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Beautifully decorated

Beautifully decorated Vilakku Viji. The rangoli is also beautiful. In our campus we have a Vinayakar temple in which we used to do vilakku poojai every year. We decorate the Kuttu Vilakku with new Silk Saree every year which is given by ex-director of doordarshan Mr. A.NAtarajan, who was reciding over in that quarters especially for the nice temple over there. While seeing this vilakku, i remember that vilakku poojai.

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Superb Decoration, Viji

Superb Decoration, Viji Ma'am....

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The kolam with the

The kolam with the decorated vilakku is looking very beautiful.

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Excellent work,I mean your

Excellent work,I mean your rangoli,villaku decoration.Looks like an idol standing in the centre of the kolam.

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beautiful kolam & nice

beautiful kolam & nice colouring

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Madam rangoli looks very

Madam rangoli looks very beautiful..and nice decoration...

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We may be able to view only

We may be able to view only 75% of the rangoli, but this is 100% beautiful madam! Smile
Very nice alankara.