aadi kolams!

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this kolam marches in the queue of special kolams for aadi,though i could not keep up the perfection of Brindha mam's kolam,i tried to follow her designs genuinely.

Rangoli: aadi kolams!


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Beautiful tear-drop aadi kolam. Looks perfect enough Deepa. Smile

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Deepaji it has come out nicely.i like that small designs inside the diamonds

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Yes Deepa, there is slight problems of symmetry!But on the whole it is nice! Deepa's version of Brinda's kolam!

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superb.. i love it

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Its Awesome, Deepa Ma'am..... The Design is very lovely....Just keep up the good work....

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Not bad at all for a free hand drawing Deepa - I mean you have not used the kolakuzhal and inspite of that you have managed to keep the lines almost equally spaced - but one thing you have not done is moved the kolam a little more away from the grass so it would look complete Smile

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Very nice kolam Deepa.. I know how hard it is to draw without a kola kuzhal.. keep up the good work.

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This has pleasing looks indeed! Viewers must understand that any departure from perfect symmetry is due to the unevenness of the floor. It is earth, but not cement.

Regards! - mOhana

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nanthini.s wow excellent work and it looks really very good

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Nice kolam if it willbe bordered by kavi it looks so nice.Expect it in next week deepa.

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its nice.looks dicent