Aadi Kiruthigai Kolam

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This is a podikolam I made on Aadi Kiruthigai day, depicting the Vel and Peacock of Lord Muruga. Hope you like it.

Rangoli: Aadi Kiruthigai Kolam


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aaaaaaaaaha...velum mayilum kolam potu adi kirthigai anndru murugan arul paripooranamaga petru viteergale pushpa....arumai arumai...what a colour combi push...chancea illla..S U P E R B....dear

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pushpa mam...... vel vel... vetrivel.............. the peacock are covered in Vel....nice creation.....

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wow velum mayilum thunai! velukku oru deiveega kalai irukku pushpa! paathitte irukkanum pola irukku!-suguna murugesan

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fantastic col. combo. arumai arumai pushpa.

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a fancy peacock with a modern vel looks very difrnt frm usual colors, by d way r they for ranis net???

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Gosh...look at ur creativity push...superb one apt for d auspicious day pa....wait wait...next yr i will remember something like this and not sodhappify(confuse) with some unrelated kolam...haha...poor maha...however hard she tried to convince me...i am not satisfied pa...hehe

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Pushpa dear, what is this? Awesome colour combo. Nice kolam too.

Rani, ippadi kavuthuteengale.


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vel muruga haro hara. very nice and gud one.

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push dear what a pretty ,divine rangoli .very sober co;lour combination and done with love .

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the peacock and the the vel ---very nice idea.it looks superb.

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I forgot to mention, this kolam is from Aval Vigadan. The vel was originally like a peacock feather and the central design was another peacock. I made modifications to suit the occasion.

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Maha what did u try convincing Rani mam and what did she not get convinced about dear, i fail to understand

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Please look at this link - http://www.ikolam.com/node/23673?p=10760. Hope you will be able to recollect.


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Oh this one eh :-), Rani mam doesnt know her worth pa.

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Pushpa, adhuku per dhan perunthanmai nu sollaradhu. Rani kola maharani ya irundhalum, romba alatikaama, sadharnama irukkaanga.


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wow!!!! excellent creation....nice colour match.push..ah only for Uma va....wayyy wayyyy....push parcel please.......hehehe

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Laks Sapat Rami he he apaaada for once i am so happy calling u this, rather than the other way round. Yes pa Rani mam is such a down-to-earth, wonderful, affectionate, and simple person.

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Velum mayilum inaindha indha 'Kandhan" kolam abaaram. Idhai varaindha kaigalukku "Vandhan"am.

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Wow good creation pushpa.

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apt kolam for aadi kiruthigai, as the saying suggest"velum mayilum thunai"