A novel sOnA square

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This is a novel sOnA square. In my blog http://www.ikolam.com/node/19870 , I tried to reproduce the rangOli of Mrs saumyA vijay. While the outer pattern is exactly similar to hers, the inner pattern of mine is quite different. I drew a single line pattern for the same dot motif. With that inner pattern of mine, I made a sOnA square with two lines. This is a pattern that can be drawn on a 9 x 9 dot pattern (white dots, green dots are for ornamentation, they do not count). With the remaining dots at the centre, I made a svAstika. You may also see tiny lamps (five dots with a green centre) and kuttuviLakkus distributed throughout. Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: A novel sOnA square


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Thanks for a new design mOhanaji. Colors are pleasing to eyes.

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A very pretty design in wonderful colors...for me it looked as if the swastika has turned into a lamp.

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Thnk you very much for a new pattern,sir

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lovely blu and green combo kolam sir

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Beautiful design - with a pretty and different way of arranging lamps in this kolam!

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Lovely design with nice arrangement of lamps all over.

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Beautiful design I liked the lamps made throughout and the overall shape of this kolam. Very different.

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Lovely design and execution.

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Beautiful design......nice colours.

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A very interesting kolam this one is - pretty lamps and tiny kutthuvilakkus - thanks for giving us new designs JKM

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Pretty one sir.

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nice design.

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Nice new design in blue and green.

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Thanks for a nice pattern jkm sir....