Advanced chikku kolam

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About Advanced chikku kolam : PRINT

This is the kolam I put yesterday outside my house (another of my favourites). Sorry friends please excuse the angle which looks a bit odd as the top of the kolam seems a little out of shape..

Dots centre 7 - 7 (straight dots)
Then right around the four corners 6 - 1 (atraight dots).

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Advanced chikku kolam


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I like the basic shape of this dotted kolam. This reminded me of the "Kaththi kappal" that my dad used to make me in my childhood days (something only he could make in my family) Smile
(Kaththi kappal = a kind of a ship, in tamil)

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Kaththi DooNi - a boat with a big triangular sword....which cuts any big sea creatures which come while sailing...right Smile
But for me it looks like that four corner folded windmill fans, which we used to pin on to a carbooard stick and run against the wind....and it twirls Smile

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Is Dooni a Kannada word? Yes, it does look like a pinwheel too. Smile

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Nice work. At the top if you extend in a perpendicular direction, it can even become a svAstikA! More like a pinwheel. I call it chicken's neck(s) as the extensions are connected by a slender thread to the main body Smile
Yes, dONi means a boat. There is a video of a sweet kuveMpu kannaDa song by jAnaki - "dONi sAgali muMde hOgali" here ( Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

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The lyrics are filled with beautiful scenery-related meanings from start to finish!

The scenery reminded me of a small place called Pichchaavaram in Chidambaram, where I went on a boat trip with some of my relatives few years ago. I've since gone on a few more boat-rides where I live but that doesn't count because that is not India Smile

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Judy Ma'am, its awesome..... I was reminded of the Pinwheel Galaxy as soon as I saw this...

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Super & cute Kolam Judy Madam....I like very much this kind of big big kolams ... but every time ll take 2-3 hours to learn perfectly...pls send this kind of big big kolams for me...

Yes correct word anirudh....Kaththi DooNi......

Thankyou so much JKMji -"dONi sAgali muMde hOgali" - song link sharing with us...this is my favorate song....

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Neat and superb.Intha madiri kolangal street la parththu romba naalaacchu.Thank u for presentation .

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i luv d shape of this kolam... cool ... cute... lovely

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Thank you Lata, Anirudh, JKM, Purni, Radha and Madhu for your lovely comments...

Madhu you are welcome to my house - I will put big kolams everyday so you can enjoy... In my street my kolam is always the biggest (even my smallest kolam for that matter), because everyone is in a hurry in the morning to finish their kolam and go inside to start their work but I love to spend more time drawing my kolam at leisure as I consider this the best part of my day because I enjoy every second of what I am doing..

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Thank you Indhu..

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Judy, beautiful Kaathadi.
Kaththikappal also comes to mind.
By simply putting the designs at the corner u have created a new wonderful kolam.
Azhagaana, alattal illaaadha kolam!

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WOW!!! Judy excelent....

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Judy, like Lakshmiji you also 'meditate' thro' kolam in the morning?

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Judy ma'am excellent work... you do such a wonderful job ...

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Rajamma, Lakshmi and Pushpa thanks for your comments Smile

Yes Jaya my mind is completely relaxed once I finish putting my kolam in the morning and I feel fresh to start my day's work after that...

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How did I miss this kolam???Wonderful Judy!!Yes it looks like "kathikappal" Lata i also know to make kathikappal:)

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Asha, how about making a kathikappal one of these days, and posting it here. You never told us that you do Origami! Smile

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The way as a child I learnt to fold a paper into "katti kappal" (boat with a sword like bottom), this does not look so. May be it will, if one removes the top portion. But then there may be other ways of doing it which I may not be aware of.

Regards! - mOhana

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We could have a group of Katti Kappal going, if Asha, mOhanaji, Shri Aniruddha, and anyone would like to try it. It would be fun. Smile

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sure Lathaji....will definitely upload tomorrow.