9 * 9 kolam 9

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About 9 * 9 kolam 9:

Dear Friends,
This is my another dotted 9 * 9 kolam. Your suggestions...

Dotted kolam
9x9 theme
Rangoli: 9  * 9 kolam 9


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Lovely kolam, good shading work.

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nice rangoli.lovely shading,keep itup

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beautiful butterflies n lotuses!-suguna murugesan

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Nice kolam done on paper indira....

P.Veni's picture

Very cute.

dibbutn's picture

Very very pretty Indira, cute butterflies and flowers. Hmm i have never seen a colorful rangoli by u on the floor, y dont u try this one on the floor with colors

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very nicem if executed in floor, will be more beautiful

smahalakshmi's picture

Very cute butterflies and pretty flowers.


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indira mam, lovely butterfly and lotus...

umaraja's picture

i like the butterflies chasing behind each other

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very cute butterflies indira dear

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Very nice kolam , nice coloring too.

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pretty kolam with nice colours, Indira.

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Bright and beautiful kolam, Indira. I like the way you have made the kolam with the butterflies facing the flowers.

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quite unique one indira ma'm ....your color pencil sketches are comming very beautiful..looks like you are making the sketch book for the drawing students....yeh dil mange more Smile