15-1 dotted maakkolam

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Loooong back i put this kolam, copied from an old magazine, but before uploading i have to take a long break( Palni trip, relatives visit, camera + computer out of order, eyes + hand giving trouble.... all forced me to be out of ikolam for a few weeks.Hope I'll be able to continue now. Missed all your nice works and commenting on them, will see and comment soon)

Rangoli: 15-1 dotted maakkolam


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wow hats off !-suguna murugesan

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The central pattern is very familiar Smile Very good work.

Regards! - mOhana

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Rajamma Mam very nice chikku kolam with nice colours..

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Beautiful maakolam. I wonder how could you squeeze the lines in between the closely packed dots.
Please take care of your health RajamAmma.

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Welcome back rajamma mam....eager to see ur kolams from now on...lovely maakolam done by u....i was waiting for u to return to submit my first maakolam-padikolam as per ur wish....pl take care of ur health...

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Welcome back Rajam mam. Hope you are completely recovered. Ofcourse we missed all your comments and feedbacks. After a long gap, you have given us a very good treat. Nice kolam


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very nice rajamma.I appreciate u from my core of heart for making such a beautiful kolam with all these pains.I

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lovely and colourful maakolam done by you... Welcome back., nice to see your kolam.... we all are miss your kolam...
take care of your health.. rajamma...

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Welcome back Rajamma Mam, happy to see your maa kolam after a long gap. Hope to see many soon. The pink colour in this kolam is so attractive and goes well with the parrot green. Very nice kolam.

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wwwwoow lovely treat rajammaji...welcome back. Really we all missed your comments, your advice and encouraging words for a long time. please take care of your health. We all pray for your improvement in health.
I am very much surprised how could you do such a beautiful work with all your pains. This shows your passion to kolams.
Hats off to you.

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after looking the kolam and colour combination i was looking the name for rajamma and it was correct i identified your creation my self gud one.

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Rajam mam, I saw your comment on my Chitra Pournami kolam. Thanks a lot and felt very happy that you spent some time in going through my gallery. Infact, I was worrying for quite some time that you have not commented anything on my margazhi contest kolam but you have given your comments for all other kolams neatly listed out in points. May be you might have left it by oversight, but as a contestant, that too my first contest kolam (in my life time this is the first kolam contest i participated), i felt very much why haven't you commented anything. But now I'm so happy that you have taken a look of my gallery.


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Thanks a lot rajamma mam for spending sometime on my recent kolams and giving lovely comments....ippo than ikolam kalai kattiirukku...(only now we feel energetic coz of ur involvement)....but still missing laksh, uma and sindhu too for those nakkals and nayyandis...(teasings, pulling legs, hands etc...)...haha

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Good colouring for this pretty sikku design.

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Beautiful maa kolam with nice colours,mam.How are u?

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very pretty maa kolam with good colours.....

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very nice rajamma mam.

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Nice maa kolam with elegant colours Rajam Mam.

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Welcome back Rajamma mam. superb maa kolam with your usual special effects added. Take care of your health mam.