2018- Kartigai Deepam-2


Pretty! This is rice-paste kolam, right? It is hard to make designs with rice-paste without a few unwanted dots due to drippings....your's is so neat. :)

Actually that is just white rangoli powder kolam... with regards to rice paste kolam extra drippings- ---we may have to clean the kolam after it is done (the extra dots on the sides etc.)- dry/wet cloth or paper towels and then... --- clean one more time after it dries (the unwanted strokes and drippings just next to the kolam-which can b cleaned only after it dries) ... ---further on after the chemman, etc, i use lightly-wet- earbuds to shape the srokes which are not proper(Some may b thick some may b thin some may b off the design) On the whole if a kolam takes 2-3 hours the cleaning part takes close to 45 mts.... only then it would look picture perfect... after all these are all hand drawn and not print...so some changes in the structure is expected

looks like that was too elaborate....thnks for yr patience...:)

Too elaborate!? :) We love elaborate explanations...its like giving us vivid pictures of the kolam-in-making. I'm sure even our silent readers appreciate these tips you'd provided here. I feel guilty that I've not taken the time to comment on many similar intricate patterns. When I browse around the rangolis and admire, I always tell myself that I'd get to them eventually, but am not able to do so individually. Not fair to the rangoli or the artist.


Janani, All your kolams are superb and neat. I draw kolams but in the end neatness will be missing. you are so artistic.They just look like prints

its just that you have to clean them up well....if it is rangoli powder kolams i try to clean with a paint brush for the intricate countertop kolams-....as i had mentioned earlier, if you just devote sometime for cleaning, the kolam sort of blooms and brightens...my analysis...:)

Once again, thank you so much for these tips! I'd arrange them separately to showcase from a prominent page.