Competition Rangolis

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  • Mahisasura statue rangoli
  • For competition
  • my rangoli
  • diwali rangolis
  • sembaruthi poo kolam
  • Peacock-flower kolam
  • Rangoli for competition
  • Tree kolam
  • kanya kolam`
  • Competition Kolam

This rangoli is drawn for a rangoli competition held in my apartment. Drew with the help of my husband and my daughter. It was theme based and I chose Mahisasura statue of Chamundi hills, Mysore. 

Rangoli: For competition

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: For competition by karthi87

Rangoli: my rangoli

My prize winning kolam: Our society kolam contest kolam drawn by myself and won the prize
Freehand Rangoli: my rangoli by sridevipons

Rangoli: diwali rangolis
This is a freehand rangoli.
Rangoli: sembaruthi poo kolam

This is one of competition kolam.yr views please. It will take 45 mints.

Rangoli: Peacock-flower kolam

Peacock kolam.

I have made use of a sieve for coloring with colour powder. It took 3 hrs time. This was for a competition.

Rangoli: Rangoli for competition

this is one of the rangolis in the pondicherry rangoli competition held during last pongal.

Rangoli: Tree kolam

This theme rangoli also drawn by me for the kolam competition and I got a special prize.

Rangoli: kanya kolam`

Hand drawing kolam for car festival competition. I won the IInd prize. share with all my Ikolam friends. Thank U.

Rangoli: Competition Kolam

In our office(Karnataka Milk Federation - Nandini), we celeberated Rajyotsava. For this the management conducted Sports and cultural activities for employee's. This kolam was made for Rangoli Competition. The duration was One hour exactly.