Peacock-flower kolam

Wow...Wonderful and excellent colouring with nice colour choice. :star: :star: :star: Congrats for the ROD. Did you win any prize??
Mon, 06/10/2013 - 04:50 Permalink
Suguna Murugesan
Wow excellent job....congrats on rod :)
Mon, 06/10/2013 - 05:51 Permalink
wow fabulous rema lovely colour choice.congrats on rod.
Mon, 06/10/2013 - 22:08 Permalink
Wow wonderful rangoli for a competition congrats on rod :)
Tue, 06/11/2013 - 22:19 Permalink
wow really superb kolam good one :crown:
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Excellent. The colour combo and the way you put it is simply superb. is it free hand or dots? if dots pl share the dot count.
Tue, 10/15/2013 - 09:24 Permalink
komathi s (not verified)
hi can u share the dots count pls
Mon, 08/18/2014 - 03:26 Permalink
komathi s (not verified)
hi Pls share the dots count for this rangoli
Tue, 08/19/2014 - 06:03 Permalink
Ithu pully kolam illai,drwing rangoli
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