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Bomala kolu
Sanskrit day we will keep bomala kolu 4r mother and sister help me 2 keep how was it?
How is it
:bigsmile: My two gr children.Nithila and Viswesh. Guess who is nithi and who is Viswesh?
Sharing few photo's we have taken at Tibetan Monastry when ve visited Coorg :)
Sharing few photo's we have taken at Tibetan Monastry when ve visited Coorg :)
How to make Origami star
Here are the steps, quite simple & easy to do. verify the picture marked with numbers. 1. Fold & un fold the square diagonally to get the creases (lines for references) 2. Reverse the paper and fold two sides to the center (any one of the diagonal line can be taken as the center reference) to form an isoseles triangle. fold the left over bottom side to up. 3. Isoseles triangle (two sides are of same length) is formed. 4. Turn the paper and fold on the pre creased line upside. 5. One unit ready 6. Assemble the units. Insert one into another where there is pocket slot in middle. Use small amount of glue for making the assembly stronger if needed or use a small transparent tape to hold them together. Finally gets complete when 8th unit gets fixed with the first one. as here Note: I have used two colors to differentiate the steps. so need to repeat all the steps for each unit of one color :) Hope this helps. Will try to add video shortly.
Paavai vilakku
This is a closeup view.My brother in law run z business of pooja items and swami vahanas ,kavashas at kumbakonam.This piece is one of item selling there.
Christmas Tree
This is a 1' Christmas tree in my workplace . Wanted to share with my ikolam friends :)
Attaching the photos of money plant,karporavalii, sanghu pushpam and mandara plants in our flat. All yet to grow big and we get few sanghu pushpam daily to offer to God. :)