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Aarthi Plate 4
This plate is decorated with the satin roses and other materials that will be used to decorate the dresses.
Aarthi Plate
This Aarthi plate was done for my sister's marriage. I used PVC pipes (single pipe was slit into two pieces) for the sides, then decorated with red cloth and satin ribbon.
guess 12
Dear friends, sending herewith the cake made by me specially for you friends Condition:You can't eat this cake with spoon Quiz:how you are going to enjoy(eat) this cake ?
Pongal 2012
I've uploaded this earlier... but it has come up really very small... so uploading it again.. Hope u'll like it
Wait,I ll show u
This is vishwesh put the rymes for his sister nithila.
miniature cold porcelain cactus
This rangoli was published on 2012-01-20.
cold porcelain dolls
This rangoli was published on 2012-01-20.