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  • Aadi perukku spl kolam
  • Aadi 3rd velli kolam
  • Happy birthday bala mam
  • aadi pooram special!
  • aadi pooram kolam
  • Aadi 2 nd Sevvai kolam
  • Padikolam
  • Aadi 1st Sevvai kolam-Avvayaar nonbu kolam
  • padi kolam
  • padi kolam
Rangoli: Aadi perukku spl kolam

Hello on account of aadi perukku have done this freehand kolam near my puja shelf....we do puja to our water our houses we can do puja to our wells, borewells etc Smile

Rangoli: Aadi 3rd velli kolam

Hello friends....hope you like this indoor kolam done on aadi velli ( fri) today Smile

Rangoli: Happy birthday bala mam

Hai frnz, ,, a gift kolam dedicated to bala mam on her birthday, ,, happy bday mam, ,, ur comments pls

Rangoli: aadi pooram special!

hi is aadi pooram and srivilliputhur andal therottam...hope you all like this aadipooram special ther kolam Smile

Rangoli: aadi pooram kolam

Hai frnz, , a padikolam done on d occasion of aadi pooram, ,, ur comments pls

Rangoli: Aadi 2 nd Sevvai kolam

Hello friends...hope you like this freehand kolam done indoors due to d heavy wind here...ur views pl Smile

Rangoli: Padikolam

Hello friends.. here is a copycat padikola... original pattern done by Jasree.. I did using wet rice flour... hope you all like it Smile

Rangoli: Aadi 1st Sevvai kolam-Avvayaar nonbu kolam

Hello friends...hope you like my aadi 1st sevvai( tues) kolam....usually its a practice in my inlaws place to perform d avvayaar pujai on aadi sevvai Smile

Rangoli: padi kolam

a coloured simple padi kolam for ur virws.

Rangoli: padi kolam

hi.a friday padi kolam for ur views.commemt pls Smile Smile