Aadi 1st Sevvai kolam-Avvayaar nonbu kolam

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Hello friends...hope you like my aadi 1st sevvai( tues) kolam....usually its a practice in my inlaws place to perform d avvayaar pujai on aadi sevvai Smile

Rangoli: Aadi 1st Sevvai kolam-Avvayaar nonbu kolam


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Wow wow romba azhagaa irukku rani! Intricates are neat and elegant Smile :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Perfect with symmetry well maintained rani :star:

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Thanks so much sugu and uma for ur instant comments Smile

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Looks very nice, Rani. Nice to know about a bit about your in-law's religious customs as well. Smile
When you get some free time, please share a bit more about this puja.

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Superb!! Smile Smile :love: :love: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Thank u lata and chandy:-)
Avvayaar nonbu/pujai is usually done on 1st or 3rd aadi sevvai(tues).....its similar to karadayaan nonbu...done like a sumangali praarthanai....performed during midnight.Men do not take part .Only ladies gather in one house, an elderly lady tells d avvayaar related story and then uppilla kozhukkattai(kozhukattai without salt) is given as prasadam .My mother in law has a cowdung idol which is 100yrs old it seems....passed on to her by her mil....usually cowdung gets spoilt with worms or insects....but this idol worshipped as avvayaar is still so nice...every yr she takes it out from the paran(loft) only during this pujai .

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Beautiful Rani. thanks for the information.

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Thanks chiths Smile