Dotted kolam

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Hai to all...this 15x8 dotted kolam is waiting for ur views Smile


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when i saw the thumbnail,

when i saw the thumbnail, thought it must be Judy...all because of the nice background.... good to see differently connected lotuses in the center ....very neat & beautiful!!!

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beautiful...lovely strokes

beautiful...lovely strokes

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very neat presentation Rani.

very neat presentation Rani. beautiful.

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stunning white beauty,lovely

stunning white beauty,lovely strokes and design.

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Thanks a lot sugu, sowmi,

Thanks a lot sugu, sowmi, pragaya,push darling, mymug and rajamma mam...hehe after a daily dosage of perfect kolams from that sowmi maami...who will not get tempted to bring aur bhee neatness in their creations....all credit goes to u wonderful and patient personified people Big smile

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cute design kolam. Rani, now

cute design kolam. Rani, now u r giving good competition to Sowmya in 'Neatness'. This kolam with out colors also looking great.

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neat and awesome

neat and awesome Star

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Lovely Ranima, in the

Lovely Ranima, in the wonderful background, it looks all the more pretty even without colors.

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Very neatly done kolam.

Very neatly done kolam. Looks like a print. Smile

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Beautiful and very neatly

Beautiful and very neatly done kolam. Nice thick strokes Rani. Smile

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wow amazing kolam rani

wow amazing kolam rani Star