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hai frnz, welcome to my golu,, this yr we have extended d steps a little bit horizontally and bought some spl collections like vaasthulakshmi, pandurangan, giri valam ,kaarthigai pengal etc a mountain was alo created with kailash extending with sabaramalai, palani, thirupati etc,, i added d marapachis as a tribal king and queen beside d mountain,, below we have d meenakshi temple madurai with golden lotus tank, vibhudhi vinayagar, pradosham, thanga ratham, lemon diyas for durgai etc surrounded by a green park and an outside procession of d chithra festival around d temple, the altar in d rt side is completely stitched and decorated by me, it was nice with my frnz, relatives and neighbours in all 9eves welcoming them with sundals or pongal with a thamboolam,, contests were also conducted all 9 days for d kids in d neighbourhood, we had a grand gala time ,hope u all like it ,, ur comments pls
Uma dear, very very beautifully arranged Golu set-up. Is it a 7-step arrangement or 8-step? In the first picture, i liked those Gundas (in the third step)... looks so chubby and sweet. Lovely rangoli too. I rememeber seeing this. In the second picture, I liked your hand made altar set up. So lovely it is. It is really a very nice idea of bringing all the important sthalas such as kailash, palani, sabarimala, tirupathi etc, in one mountain set up. Madurai, Meenakshi amman temple set up also looks fabulous. All the best and keep it up.
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wow grand kolu....excellent 2nd pic.....All the best
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Suguna Murugesan
wow u had a nice time n njoyed:)
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veena manigandan
Nice arrangement - Amman and temple kulam looks so nice.
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nice one. the second picture is very good
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uma i am happy to paticipate the Golu contest dear.... very nice arrangements in your golu (steps..) lovely dolls, settings... the 2nd one is more attraction pa.... (u link in sabaramalai, palani, thirupati etc,,) the mountain... & the steps via, "Cute Porthamarai kulam" Ratham... etc., ALLLLLL the very best...
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Huge and neat golu arrangement uma...all d best:)
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thank u maha for a detailed comment,,, its 7 steps pa,, thank u laksh,sugu, veena, aaditya,juli, rajee and rani for ur encouragement it was a nice time during navarathri, kindly have a look at prince science town also
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A very grand and big golu set up by you Uma. Looks very neat too. Your write up made my job easier to understand your golu. Good to hear that you had a nice time. This time mom and son must have had a great time in setting up this golu. All the best for the contest.
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Neat and grand golu with nice kolam
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Very grand looking. I liked the all-in one mountain and the Meenakshi temple. The hand made altar set up is also beautiful
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Radhikha 3
very neat and lovely arrangement . all the best ..
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Suguna Murugesan
grand n big golu! mountain set up is awesome! meenakshi temple n golden lotus pond all r superb dear! all the best!
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All the sets are superb. All the best.
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Anisha Raghunath
very nice arranged golu...!!!!all the best...!!!!
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Wow such a beautiful display Uma dear. Very pretty and neat arrangment.
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Wow, very nice arrangement, Uma. What do you call the big bellied doll in the orange bottom, shown on the third step from the top? He is such a unique piece. :) I loved the entire set up in the second picture. Looks like you also had grown your own grass? Tell us a bit about it when you get a chance. Thanks for participating in our Navratri contest. Wish you a happy and a prosperous Diwali. :)
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Suguna Murugesan
wow congrats uma you are in top5 contests:)
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Congrats uma on getting into d top 5 position...:)
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thanks a tonne frnz, lata papu calls him gundu manitha he he he,those r ragi seeds .sorry for d late ans,couldnt meet u all for few days .misd u all so.much frnzzzzz
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