Rangoli for Diwali - Contest

Submitted by vijaysowmya on Tue, 11/20/2012 - 09:06
Wishing you all Happy Diwali. Here is a freehand rangoli for contest. Requesting support from all.

Sowmya .Onnum solrathukku illa.Nigamave kolama illa edhavadhu photovaa.Azhagu,azhagu,azhagu.Indha work ella ratingukku mela.You have taken us to a different world. Too good- design,concept,perfection,color combo,execution etc etc...etc.I wd gv u to best to the power ten. You are very talented.Ypu are in top 2(FOR SURE) ADVANCED CONGRADS DEAR
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is this rangoli drawn by hand? no,no ,we don't believe.unbelievable work , you have done sowmi.How,how ,how it is possible?Allllll the best.
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Wow! Each and every piece look like stencil work or color paper cut and arranged! So perfect drawing and filling! Sowmya, we would like to see you making a rangoli in person! The patience in putting the minute dots around shows your dedication!
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Thank you Bala, Vijaya mam, Swathy, Uma, Subha mam, Jaya mam and Rani for spending sometime and putting your precious and encouraging comments for this kolam :)
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Suguna Murugesan

woooooooow sowmi..... looks like a tiles design 8) ....like a sticker 8) .....kutti dots are highlights :love: ...mango la irunthu vara curves azhgo azhagu ....beautiful colours...dumbstruck paa :love: all the best :party:
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Dear, eppadi entha design saithai? I mean nan panra moveable rangoli mathri errukke? What a perfect execution dear. So pretty. It is hard to beleive that it is done by kolapodi and freehand rangoli. viji
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wooooooooow.... nice concept and colors...the dotted borders, neatness simply great... oh yes looks like stencil cuts done on the OHP sheets ...superrrrrrrrrrrrrrb :star: :star: :star: ... all the best ma'm!!!
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No words to express the precision and beauty of the rangoli done by you Sowmya. Very neat work. Dotted outer border looks different and nice. All the best. :)
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The most perfect piece of rangoli in this year's contest.. Precision & Symmetry are very important.. and you have done an awesome job. Did you use any rulers or any other measuring instruments to get the squares so perfect.. Very nice of choice of colors that show well on the white floor. Excellent work ..I am huge fan of yours !
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Pachchai maangaa, pazhuththa maangaa, kondai mudiththa maangaa.....azhago azhagu. Ennavoru perfection in drawing this beautiful design. Colouring, neatness ellaaththukkum thani tnaniyaa 5 star podalaamaa? ;)
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Magic on the floor and always magical... I really would love to see how you do such a perfect and neat job Sowmy dear... This is par excellence dear... I dont know what to say no words to express my feelings... as always I love your works which you are well aware of ;)
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Absolutely fantastic.! It looks like paper cutting pasted on the floor. Such symmetry and such lovely colour combination! How many hours did you take to create this perfect beauty? :) :) :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
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Looks like a tile fixed on the floor.Excellent.How neatly u have spread the colors as if cut from a cardboard paper and pasted on the floor.Always your padikolams/line kolams,pookolams and colour kolams are excellent.You are also one of the genius in drawing kolams.Best of luck.
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partha vodane neengalathan irukkumnu ninaithen.my daughter liked this very much she asked whether this one was done with kola powders or is this a drawing,,,,,avalavu perfect all the best---kanaka
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Iam stunned after seeing the kolam Mam, no one will come near to your perfection. Magic on the floor, i admire it, my two eyes is not enough to enjoy the beauty.....
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Oh my, oh my! I hit upon this beauty yet one more time, and yet the magic doesn't subside! :) I must have seen this adorable collection of stickers a hundred times since the contest entries started queuing up, and yet am at a loss of proper words to write. I was counting the number of stickers you had to peel off for sticking them in such an arrangement. Summa paisley-ku sutthi dots vachitaa naanga rangoli-nnu nambidunumaa? :bigsmile: :love:
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