Navratri Golu Contest 2011

My golu consists of 7 main padis, 3 padis to the left, 3 to the right and one each on both sides connecting the 3 padis to the main padi. The main padi consists of mainly Gods with highlight being Chakkarathazhwar, Dashavathara Perumal and Sleeping Ganesha. One side of the padi has Ramayana story, the other side has the Brides of India(dolls hand dressed by me). The 2 single padi has Aiyappan on one side and the Marapachi Perumal with Sridevi and Bhudevi (hand decorated using foam and rhinestones). Apart from the padis, I also have a story theme each year. This year my theme is the legend of Kanyakumari. For this I created an ocean using blue celaphone paper. I created a seashore using sand and depicted the story of Kanyakumari on the shore. For the story, I used plastic dolls and decorated/dressed them as the characters of the story. On the other side I have the Brindavana/Rasaleela with Krishna and the Gopikas sailing in a boat in a pond/lake.


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Very bright and beautiful golu done by you. Nice collection of dolls. Cute sleeping Ganesha.The story of kanyakumari looks different. All the best for the contest.

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nice collection of dolls...looks grand...All the best

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Nice work.

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One of the BEST golus I've ever seen!! The best is the cute baby Ganesha sleeping on a cot!!

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Very nice golu.

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Such a huge golu...very attractive...all d best:)

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Very Colorful

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Wow, beatiful Golu arrangement. First time, I'm seeing this Chakrathazvar and Dasavathara Perumal. This sleeping Ganesha on a cot looks so sweet and cute. I wish to carry that Ganesha from the cot and have it on my laps like a baby.
The story theme, is really an unique one. Nicely decorated dolls for the story.
All the best. Keep it up.

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The whole appearance of this looks so very divine and beautiful. Lovely creation.

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lovely decorations. hats off to your arrangement. nice concept. liked the way u have displayed. looks very grand. all the best.

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Different and nice golu.
Looks so rich and beauty.

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lovely decoration! all the best!

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bright n beautiful decoration of golu...can u post a near view of brides of india???

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all the best....!!!!

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very beautiful and unique

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Huge kolu and colourful decoration. All the best

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Nice... Great job. Kanyakumari theme is different... dolls are very beautiful.

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My my! Now what do I say here that hasn't been said by our members already. Smile

Your golu is a grand one. Great display of Marapachi set, decorated to perfection! Shivji's eyes from the backdrop wall hanging keeps stealing out attenion. Nice idea to showcase that as a backdrop. Some one in your home must have missed your indoor-game table. Clever use of the green color from the table as a base for the water theme.

Thank you for participating in our Navratri contest.
Wish you a happy and a prosperous Diwali. Smile

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Congrats Janaki! Your efforts proved!