Golu -picture (1) - 9 step Main Golu.

All Traditional Bommies in the first 7 steps. 8th step is the Chettiyars with vegetables and fruits and the 9th is the Rangoli made out of grinded rice flour.


lakshmiraghu's picture

beautiful arrangment..looks grand...All the best

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Nice arrangement - Pongal celebration is nice.

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pongal celebration is very good

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Lovely arrangement...pongal celebration set is too good...all d best:)

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Very beautiful and nice arrangement of dolls. /that pongal celebration scene is very good. all the best.

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Very beautifully arranged Golu. Nice decoration too. What is the doll set in the third step from bottom? I could see some rishis and Ganapathi sitting there. is it any thematic doll set?
I liked the village set and Pongal celebrations. What is the theme that is behind the pongal celebration? I could see a hut and Hanuman. The other two --- Is it Rama and Lakshmana? Should be some Ramayana related theme.
All the best and keep it up

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3rd from the bottom row is the Agasthiar set.That is the story of Agasthiar in anger keeping river cauvery inside his kamandalam. Then Lord Ganesha came there and making a crow sit on the kamandalam to make fall down, and the river flows again. They are preparing pongal outside their house,worshipping SUN GOD in the traditional way. Yeah, u're right . It's Rama 's vanavasa.

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Nice golu.
Very neatly arranged.
Looks pretty.

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Wow looks very grand. Nice collections All the best

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beautiful arrangement! nice maa kolam! all the best!

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Beautiful Arrangement Maam, Liked your Kolam. So colourful and nice.Both pairs of Chettiars and Chetticchi look so cute and nice. All The Best.

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Nice collection of dolls and beautiful arrangement. Hanuman, Sri Rama and Lakshmana and village set is very nice. All the best.

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nice golu.....!!!all the best...!!!!

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pretty golu set.... your diays set and the kuthuvilakky alangakaram is more beautiful., the entrance rangoli is soft and best... kudil, wonderful nature creation and the pongal celebration.. best of luck..

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Hi Rajee, so glad to see your submission after such a long time. The golu arrangement is very beautiful dear.

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What a lovely village scene with lot of greenery in the front part, Rajee! With this much fruits/veges decor going on in your golu, I can tell you like the natural beauty a lot. Two chettiar couple doing business in your golu!? I have not seen that usually. Smile

Thank you for participating in our Navratri contest.
Wish you a happy and a prosperous Diwali. Smile

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Thank you so much Latha.