Dear All,

This year Golu we have kept traditionally 5 steps and we use pattu saree with double border. Along with the dolls of God's, small dolls of animals and in the last step, we have kept Chettiar doll along with groceries. The temple set is made out of waste things available in the house expect for the
2 coconut trees. The main diety is Ganapathy and in the side "Ashtalakshmi" and in the other side Navagraham made out of toy clay and Sivalingam is also kept. In the backside, well and pond is also made. In the front, flower shop and slipper stand is also made. We have used pool tiles for
pathway and the yoga mat is used for floor. Hope everybody likes this...

Trivandrum - Kerala, India


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Very bright looking golu. Nice arrangement of the dolls. That temple looks very beautiful. For me the major atraction is the chettiar doll at the centre. all the very best for the contest.

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Thanks for your nice comments.

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lovely kolu...looks bright and besutiful....All the best

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Nice arrangement - temple set is nice.

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very neat arrangement

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Very nice kovil mandapam. How did you made it?

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Beautiful divine nice...all d best:)

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Beautiful Golu arrangement and decorations. Looks very bright. Beautiful ezhai kolam surrounding the golu set up.

The temple set looks too cute. I loved it. You have mentioned that u have kept a small flower stall and slipper stand in the front of the temple. Can we have a closer view of that?
All the best and keep it up.

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Dear Madam,

Thanks for the lovely comments. As only two photos can be uploaded the close up of the front portion is not visible in the photo. Kindly drop me a mail to so that I can send you the same...

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Beautiful arrangement and I like the detailing you have given to doing this temple with flower stall and shoe stall. Good one.

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neat arrangement!all the best!

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The yellow colour double saree is very pretty and gives a grandlook to golu.
pretty arrangements and nice golu.

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Very nice. Wish we could see the temple more closely

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Very Nice arrangement of kolu and temple set. All the best.

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beautiful arrangement of golu....the temple set is lovely.....!!!all the best...!!!!

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Nice ...

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very neat arrangement. the temple set up is good. all the best!!

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Dear Uma,
You can upload other pictures of your Golu using "Upload Crafts" option.

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Dear Madam,

Thanks for the information. I shall do the same at the earliest...

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very very beautiful and brightful and the images are very closer... wonderful arrangements.. the mandabam is really nice... coloring decorationis beauty of the whole part.... all the very best...

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Lovely padi kolam. I liked your idea of using pool tiles and yoga mat. Looks very nice. A beautifully decorated Golu indeed!

Thank you for participating in our Navratri contest.
Wish you a happy and a prosperous Diwali. Smile