Lotus Rangolis

Rangoli: Stencil Designs

I am uploading my stencil collection as Judy wished to have a look of them all. this is my first set and i will upload another set later.

Rangoli: dotted kolam

I was in India during Marghazhi and had the pleasure of doing kolams along with my sister in law. After finishing we felt we had done a complete exercise routine.
21 to 11 lines.

Rangoli: lotus

lotus kolam., i draw a kolam on rebublic day.... this is my another one creation...

Rangoli: Lotus kolam

It is 15x8 interlaced dotted kolam. Lotus and sanku kolam. This kolam is very easy for beginners also.

Rangoli: Lotus

This i tried today. Pls comment. It is dotted kolam 17-9 interlaced. -AgeeSujatha

Rangoli: Dotted Lotus kolam

Hi friends,
this is a dotted flower kolam drawn by me...5 - 9 (interlaced)

Rangoli: dotted kolam

This lotus flower, dotted kolam is made for saraswathi pooja.

Rangoli: Lotus kolam

This is straight dot kolam. The dot count for this kolam is 17-1.

Rangoli: Lotus

Hi friends. Hope you are liking my PC rangolis. This is my another rangoli. The dots are as mentioned in Rangoli.

Rangoli: FlowerPatch- lotus

hi all This is my submission for the flower patch sorry for being soo late. Was held up with some other engagements.