dotted kolam

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About dotted kolam : PRINT

I was in India during Marghazhi and had the pleasure of doing kolams along with my sister in law. After finishing we felt we had done a complete exercise routine.
21 to 11 lines.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: dotted kolam


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paavakkai, chanku, lotus r all in one lovely!!!!-suguna murugesan

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Looks Pretty. Nice colors and you both have done a neat work.

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Lovely big kolam....such a lovely floor u have...

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Nice colour kolam


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Very pretty kolam with a very good choice of colors...a neatly done kolam .

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very pretty conch kolam surrounded by lotus Smile good choice of colors

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Good kolam, with very apt colouring too.

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nice one gud one

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Very lovely kolam and good colouring. I agree with you that it gives you a very good exercise (bending, stretching, thinking about the kolam (exercise for the brain), finger movements, etc.). That is why I feel that apart from putting kolams/rangolis during festivals and occasions, the insistence should be on putting the kolam daily. Even if only a small kolam, it should be put on a daily basis in the morning. Our ancestors have set up certain regimens for us, which has some basis and relevance even today.

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Lovely kolam Ganga - gives a wonderful feeling once you have completed the task right?? I personally think it would have looked better if all the shanks were facing the same direction..

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nice work ganga

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Pretty dotted kolam Sangu and lotus looks nice.

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Looks Pretty. Nice colors

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Neatly drawn lotus kolam..-Indira Sundar

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Thanks for your comments . It would be nice if someone can explain in what propotion one needs to mix rice flour and kolam powder along with the colors. We found the colors were a little bit dull.

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Very nice kolam and good colouring.