Karthigai Kolams

Rangoli: chutti diyas

hai frnz, this was again done on an karthigai eve,, more than d real diyas i felt d ps dots glowing better,,well ive bored u all with enough of diya kolams for a week,,lets switch on to d next celebration within a short while,, till then ur comments pls,,,,,,,,,

Rangoli: Kartigai Deepam Rangoli

Dear Friends, It is my first Rangoli on the day of Kartigai Deepam, Expecting your valuable commands......

Rangoli: karthigai deepam with diya

ur views pls Smile diya arrangement by my daughter

Rangoli: karthigai deepam festival sans diya
This rangoli was published on 2011-12-08.
Rangoli: kaarthigai 2011

hai...this is my kaarthigai deepam kolam. thank you lata, how is it my floor version Smile hope you all like this Smile

Rangoli: Karthigai Spl Kolam-2

Hai to all...Happy Karthigai to all .....hope u like this special kolam done on this auspicious day...it was a very windy day and after 26 snaps...thank god i could click all d lighting diyas....eagerly waiting for ur views....

Rangoli: Padi kolam

Another padikolam done for karthigai in my pooja room.

Rangoli: Padi kolam

This is the same kolam decorated with lamps for karthigai..hope you all like the arrangement.

Rangoli: inspiration kolam

This kolam was made today morning for karthigai deepam .pl refer for dot count in lata's tutorial.Thank you lata.

Rangoli: happy karthigai

hai frnz, happy karthigai wishes to u all,, this was done in a hurry burry with so many disturbances,,, anyhow i wanted to share with u all, ur comments pls,,,