Nicko Pillay

Rangoli: Deepavali kolam
Rangoli: Varalakshmi kolam 2014
Rangoli: Vaibhava lakshmi - yantra kolam
Rangoli: om sakthi
Rangoli: sakthi pooja kolam
Rangoli: pooja kolam
Rangoli: Sangu kolam

Dotted kolam. Time 1 hour

Rangoli: The opened 8 petal lotus

Smile 9 reducing to 1 on either side dotted grid is set out and lines are worked around and inbetween the dots time spent on this 2 hours

Rangoli: Paisley Kolam

This is a free hand kolam , I marked my surface out in chalk first then applied the rice flour over the lines , then I added the colour and then did the finishing touches which where the swirley lines using the rice flour over the colord kolam powder . This took me about 2 hours to complete

Rangoli: Thamarai Kolam

Smile iv used the dot grid method here it is normal rice flour n kolam powders iv made this particular kolam for the celebrations of Varalakshmi viratham last year

Rangoli: Sri Ganesha Kolam

Smile Free hand kolam the only challenge may be body and face proportioning for the lord otherwise its easy , I worked with this over a period of 2 days 2 afternoons actualy this was in celebration of Sri Vinayaga chathurthi , iv used Rice flour and Kolam colour powders