Nicko Pillay

Rangoli: Deepavali kolam
Rangoli: Varalakshmi kolam 2014
Rangoli: Vaibhava lakshmi - yantra kolam
Rangoli: om sakthi
Rangoli: sakthi pooja kolam
Rangoli: pooja kolam
Rangoli: Flowery stars

This is just an experiement I tryed out, this was an old design I just changed and infused two individual kolam designs into one

Rangoli: Round kolam part 2

This was the end product , after I added the color ,

Rangoli: Round Kolam part 1

A kolam I have made long ago my first attempt for this kind of kolam,

Rangoli: 16 petal lotus

I do a lot of Flower kolams, this is one of my favorite designs Dirol

Rangoli: Maa kolam part 2

Hope you guys like it, ill be eagerly awaiting your comments

Rangoli: Maa kolam

Biggrin This was my first attempt at maa kolam

Rangoli: Star Kolam

One of my most simple and quickest designs , hope you guys like it!

Rangoli: Aum Kolam

design, created and proportioned with chalk lines first.
Then lined with rice flower and lastly filled with color