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  • Rajamma aunty's puzzle
  • Rajamma aunty's puzzle kolam
  • time pass kolam
  • freehand kolam
  • freehand kolam
  • freehand rangoli
  • dotted chikku kolam
  • tuesday kavi kolam
Rangoli: Rajamma aunty's puzzle

hi all...tried another pc(ms paint) version of Rajamma aunty's puzzle.....this one has exactly 25 pieces with triangles as gaps...hope this is the correct one...eagerly waiting for your views Smile

Rangoli: Rajamma aunty's puzzle kolam

hi all...this is my maiden ms-paint(kolam) version of Rajamma aunty's puzzle kolam...hope you like this...awaiting for your views.. Smile

Rangoli: time pass kolam

hi everybody...enjoyed trying this mat rangoli at my grandpa's house...hope you like my first attempt...waiting for ur views Smile

Rangoli: freehand kolam

hi all..happy to share this kolam done by my durga aunt last week when we were celebrating my grandparents Sadaabhishegham ( grandpa's 80th birthday) grandma conveyed her blessings to all our ikolam family Smile Smile

Rangoli: freehand kolam

hi everybody...this is another small kolam done by my aunt Durga which i am sharing with all of you....your views on this please Smile

Rangoli: freehand rangoli

hi all....just wanted to share this mud-floor kolam done by my aunt Durga when we were at pudukkottai last week...hope you like this Smile

Rangoli: dotted chikku kolam

hi all...did this challenging chikku kolam yesterday....hope you like this....awaiting for your views and tips for improving Smile

Rangoli: tuesday kavi kolam

hi everybody.....did this kavi kolam with a slight dash of green colour....did you like my attempt....awaiting for your views Smile