Rangoli: Rishi Painting
Rangoli: DK-18
Rangoli: DK-17
Rangoli: Painting
Rangoli: DK-16
Rangoli: FH-6
Rangoli: DK-9 & 10

These were the dotted kolams which I put for Ugadi. The first one was put on the road in front of our gate. I have given a Kavi lining which is not visible in the photo. The second was put in front of our main door.

Rangoli: Model of Heart

Here is a model of a human heart. My daughter did this for her school science project.
Dr.Rekha Madam please see if it is proper.

Rangoli: SK-17

This is my first creation for the 15-1 collection. The first version is the chalk(sudde) version and the second is the rangoli podi version. Please give your views.

Rangoli: Woollen Purse

My mother taught to do the basic woollen design. It is done on a netted cloth with cross stich and finally cut in the centre. After finishing the wollen work I took a velvet cloth and stiched the purse also myself. Please give your views.

Rangoli: Painted Pot

I had done this Pot painting long back. The woollen folwers in the pot were done by my daughter for the school SUPW work. Thought of sharing with you all. Please give your comments.

Rangoli: SK-15 &16

Sixth and seventh creation for 9X9 theme.

Rangoli: SK-15

My next contribution for the 9x9 collection. A chikku kolam. Please spare some time to give your views.

Rangoli: DK-6

Fifth contribution for the 9X9 theme collection.