Painted Pot

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I had done this Pot painting long back. The woollen folwers in the pot were done by my daughter for the school SUPW work. Thought of sharing with you all. Please give your comments.

Rangoli: Painted Pot


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Your designs remind me of jewelry/necklace. Nice work on the pot. Please reduce the size a bit.
On a side note, I had wanted to let you know that most of your works are uploaded twice, sometimes even more times. Please upload a design once, and wait for a few days for it to get published. It is normal for us to take a week or 10 days. If your works don't get published within 10 days, feel free to contact us. Thanks for your understanding. Smile

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Sure madam I will wait. I usually reduce the size which you might have observed, but only for this I thought I had reduced and uploaded it. Thanks a lot for your compliments and your message.

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subha very very pretty work .thanks for reminding me. Anybody please let me know which paint is suitable for metal paintings, as i have to paint 6-7small metal baskets made by my daughter and her friends as a work shop project for their first year engineering course .Infact i have to start today only ,because Tuesday is the last day of submission .And also let me know if i have to stick the glass pieces for decoration what adhesive i should use .

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Lovely painting.


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Wow very pretty painting on pot.

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nice painting!-suguna murugesan

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Very pretty work.

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Cute and lovely painting!

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Looks nice.

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Nice painting done on d ur daughter is a kv ite aah....