Rangoli: Dotted kolam
Rangoli: pongal kolam
Rangoli: beginner kolam.
Rangoli: new year kolam
Rangoli: Margazhi kolam
Rangoli: beginner kolam
Rangoli: Independence day

This collage was made for Independence day .After your views and reviews , I will send another set.{try to do so}

Rangoli: collage kolam

I always inspired by rajamma's kolam.I tried her kolams in ms paint and photo shop in different ways.

Rangoli: rangoli

Actually this kolam was a dotted kolam.After finishing the kolam , I filled with colors , then it looks like a freehand kolam.

Rangoli: dotted kolam

dots for this kolam is 18 dots 4 lines in center.then reduced two dots on both sides up to four.

Rangoli: veggies

My late contribution to ikolam.I send some vegetables .Is there any place Latha?If not so , pl return to the above address.

Rangoli: dotted kolams

first time I made collage work, and also kutti, 7 dot kolams.

Rangoli: dot kolam

This is my first big dot kolam. pl count the dots. I think it is not bad.

Rangoli: dotted kolam

This is a simple dotted kolam for beginners. The dot count is sixteen in four lines.Then reduced two dots in each line and each side.