Rangoli: padi kolam
Rangoli: mazhai kolam
Rangoli: happy diwali
Rangoli: maakolam 2013
Rangoli: navarathri padikolam
Rangoli: aadi velli 2013
Rangoli: Maakolam 4

Not a special kolam. Usual stuff with some decorative lines.

Rangoli: Makolam 3

Tell me if you like this kolam. I was very satisfied with the overall result although i was not planning to make it this way.

Rangoli: Maakolam 2

Another variation of naalu moolai kolam. This can be tried in using kola podi also. Fit for big spaces.

Rangoli: Maakolam

Tried a new design. Tell me how you all like it. Pl give suggestions too.