Rangoli: padi kolam
Rangoli: mazhai kolam
Rangoli: happy diwali
Rangoli: maakolam 2013
Rangoli: navarathri padikolam
Rangoli: aadi velli 2013
Rangoli: Aadi velli kolam2

i forgot to upload this kolam earlier, plese mention your comments.

Rangoli: gokulaashtami

Gokulaashtami special. This box like padi specially drawn to invite new born Lord Krishna.

Rangoli: Aadi Chevvai 2

A four petal kavvi bordered aadi chevvai kolam. Beginers can do it easily.

Rangoli: Aadi velli kolam

Old traditional design with twists and turns, easy one for u all.

Rangoli: Padi kolam for Aadi sevvaai

very simple kolam. a mix and match type.please try everyone.

Rangoli: Blooming Padi Kolam

Traditional padi kolam with a blooming flower like look.Easy, traditional as wellas modern look. the lines can be given contrast colours for improvisation.

Rangoli: goondu gundu beauty

i have drawn this in the vasal very long back . now only i saw while reviewing the file

Rangoli: squary padi

i dindt like the outcome very much. waited a long time before thinkingof uploading.